Biomedical data can be chaotic, but we're here to help!

What is BioniChaos? It’s an open project, democratising biomedical data processing. Please see for more information.

What does the name BioniChaos mean? It describes the sometimes chaotic result of combining biology and electronics.

What am I getting out of BioniChaos? BioniChaos contains dashboards (web-applications and APIs) for processing and reviewing biomedical data. I hope it fosters interest in biomedical data science and engineering.

What topics are covered? We cover a variety of signal processing topics such as statistics, Fuzzy-Logic, Neural-Nets, Spectrogram, Image-Classification, Graphic-Processing, and many more. BioniChaos contains many practical example tools that help determine signal characteristics, predict events and irregularities within signals to better understand biomedical data.

Do I need to download or install anything? No, just select an example application from the home page and let the magic of data exploration begin. However, stand-alone versions of the tools can be customized for any specific needs.

Is the website, web apps, and data hosted locally? Yes, everything is hosted locally on Wurundjeri land.

Are third-party trackers or other tools used on BioniChaos? No third-party tools, only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. However, there might be some minimal amount of Google ads integration to cover minor server electricity costs.

Can I access the raw data used on BioniChaos? Yes, all raw data used on this site is de-identified and available in the public domain, exact sources are mentioned in each specific example tool.

Can I use BioniChaos for anything? Yes, anything posted on BioniChaos is released under a Creative Commons Attribution License. You can use it for any purpose, including commercial. You can repost, remix, and re-whatever, as long as you mention the source.

Can I use my own data? No, currently bionichaos does not have an option to upload your data. Please use available public datasets like Physionet or Github. Note that, an alternative for confidential data, is still under development and not available yet.

Do you have to make a disclaimer? Yes, any information or tools on this site are not certified for clinical or commercial use. This is an experimental site and comes 'as is,' including all its bugs and defects. Do not use for any clinical or diagnostic purposes. The developer is not taking liability for any financial loss, misdiagnosis, nuclear holocaust, zombie apocalypse, and worst of all, loss of data.

Is BioniChaos secure? is now secure! Big shoutout to Certifytheweb community edition and

Does BioniChaos collect any personal information? No, you don't need to provide any personal information to use the site.

Can I ask the developer to change or add anything? Yes, please contact me with suggestions and bugs that are not already mentioned.

Is the developer interested in collaboration? Yes, drop me a line at [email protected]

I would like to contribute to the BioniChaos project, what are my options? You could help analyze the data or develop new tools, please contact me with your level of expertise and specific interests. You could also provide constructive feedback or just point out spelling mistakes.

I would like to make a financial contribution to support the BioniChaos project, is it possible? Yes, please use to support this project.