EEG to Music

About the EEG Visualization and Music Conversion Tool

This tool transforms EEG (electroencephalogram) data into both visual and auditory experiences. This application allows users to explore the complex world of brain waves through interactive graphs and music generated from EEG readings.

How It Works

The tool reads EEG data, consisting of 16 channels, and processes it to display in both time and frequency domains. Users can select specific channels, adjust the window size, and apply various filters to analyze the data more effectively. Furthermore, a unique feature translates these brain waves into music, offering a new dimension to EEG analysis.

Getting Started

Scroll through the EEG data using the the large scroll bar, and listen to how different sections of the EEG data sound.

Select the channel and time window you wish to analyze, and watch the graphs update in real time.

Toggle the 'Auto Volume' and 'Auto Duration' options to automatically adjust the volume and duration of the auditory output based on the EEG data.

Optionally, you can apply filters to isolate specific EEG components and observe the changes in the graphs.


Output Visualizations

Key Insights

Technical Details

Data Source

This application utilizes intracranial EEG data from NeuroVista, available on

Closing Note

By transforming EEG data into sound, this application offers a profound understanding of the underlying neural activities. Whether you're a researcher, student, or just curious, the tool will provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of EEG recordings using sound.