EEG data in time and frequency domains

iEEG Spectrum Visualization Application

Welcome to the iEEG Spectrum Visualization Application! This advanced tool provides a dynamic interface for visualizing intracranial EEG data in both time and frequency domains, with an emphasis on detailed analysis and user interactivity.

Interactive Features

Data Visualization

Technical Overview

The application leverages advanced signal processing techniques, including Butterworth bandpass filters, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), and wavelet transforms to analyze and visualize EEG data. These techniques are pivotal in extracting meaningful information from complex brain signals.

Data Source

This application uses intracranial EEG data from NeuroVista, available at This rich dataset offers a unique opportunity for exploring brain activities in various states.

Concluding Remarks

This tool is designed to assist researchers, students, and enthusiasts in understanding the complex nature of EEG data. By offering a range of interactive features and detailed visualizations, it provides a platform for in-depth exploration of brain activity patterns.